Report of the 6th International Masterclass Conducting Technique, Summer 2023

The 6th International Masterclass Conducting Technique (from August 18-25) was already fully booked in the beginning of May of that year.

The number of female participants was particularly high this time, namely 6 out of 8. As usual, the participants had very diverse backgrounds, this time ranging from ballet pianist, musicology student, professional harpist and double bass player to Assistant Concertmaster in the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra London.

The structure of the master class was as usual. The first three days everyone was individually taught in conducting technique, the prepared repertoire was covered and there were group lessons in the morning and evening. On the fourth day, there were lessons only in the morning and the rest of the day was used to take a wonderful walk together through the beautiful surroundings of Chiny.






The last two days were devoted to conducting the prepared repertoire with our fantastic pianists Mourik Jan Heupink and Evert-Jan de Groot, however, in the morning and evening, there were still the group lessons.


At the end of the course everyone showed by means of a short presentation what he had learned the previous week.


The weather was exceptionally nice. Therefore, we were even able to have a group lesson outside  and participants studied around the accommodation or enjoyed some free time.





As during every masterclass, we enjoyed the common meals, prepared by our fantastic hostess Astrid.


During one of the afternoons, however, lightning struck, leaving us without power and water for a short time, but due to the amazing efforts of all the participants, the problem was quickly fixed.

Unlike previous editions, the sauna was used by the majority of the participants this time.

Here is the fabulous whole team that grew in one week to a close-knit group.

Standing from left to right: Evert-Jan, Lonneke, Maximilian, Cécile, Shana, Colombe, Meija, René, Astrid; Sitting from left to right: Niccolò, Mourik Jan, Tarana.


Participant Tarana Taylor tells afterwards in this short video how she experienced the masterclass.

  2 comments for “Report of the 6th International Masterclass Conducting Technique, Summer 2023

  1. Colombe de Besombes
    14/10/2023 at 09:26

    This masterclass felt like a true intense musical retreat, where we all became good friends… René is extremely attentive to each of the students and took very individual means with each of us to get everyone the furthest… This experience, and his advice, and his generosity, gave me enough confidence to be willing to continue learning conducting in the next years, and to overcome my shyness. I am beyond grateful for that! Thank you dear René!

  2. 18/01/2024 at 17:47

    René Gulikers has created the most extraordinary masterclass for conductors. It takes the form of a musical retreat, in which one can completely immerse oneself in both music itself as well as the study of it, all whilst being in a safe environment amongst friends. The beautiful house and its tranquil surroundings provide the perfect setting for personal growth and warm camaraderie.

    Instead of being thrown in front of an orchestra to try and figure things out for oneself (as seems to be the case with many conducting masterclasses), René Gulikers really teaches the art of conducting, meticulously covering everything from the movements of the right hand (for which he utilises the most wonderful and fascinating method) to expression with the left hand, to baton technique to score analysis, and much more.

    Aspiring conductors can take part in this course at any point in their study or careers, and at any age. The instruction is individually tailored to the precise needs of each student.

    I recommend this masterclass very highly, and I myself plan to attend again just as soon as my schedule allows!

    Shana Douglas
    Assistant Concertmaster, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, London

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