27-01-2003, Markus Küpper, Germany WESTFÄLISCHE NACHRICHTEN; Beethoven 2

What a “fiery spirit” composed this symphony! What a fiery spirit stood in the Landesmuseum and conducted it! From the opening fortissimo and entirely from memory, René Gulikers inspired the members of the orchestra to an outstanding performance of Beethoven’s 2nd symphony. The result: a stormy interpretation of a self-confident composer who is aware of his own talents. No “Eroica” yet but a compelling piece brimming with original and mature ideas. Simply magnificent! Someone who has committed this Beethoven so securely to memory must surely understand it. Gulikers and his well-tempered orchestra, by removing all romanticism, gave a refreshing and sometimes startling new interpretation of the symphony and gave us a glimpse of the true Beethoven. Tension mounted, from the precision of the tuttis and the strong contrasts on the one hand and the enchanting clarity of the instrumental lines (irrespective of the forced tempi) on the other until the audience, shivering with goose-flesh, was on the edge of their seats.

(published with permission)


10-11-2003, Peter Graven, The Netherlands LIMBURGS DAGBLAD; world premiere of Dragstra’s opera “Marthe”

For that large, tense arc, of course the conductor René Gulikers is responsible. He leads the sharply playing Doelen Ensemble with clear gestures in an appealing interpretation.


19-05-2006, Ilya Ovchinnikov, Russia MOSCOW GAZETE; A. Tchaikovsky, Bogdanov

The compositions of our compatriots remembered us to the lost travelers in the trip through the time, and we were very surprised by the talented conductor René Gulikers who did not only find the inspiration in these works, but also shared this inspiration generously with the musicians of the Russian State Orchestra.


21-08-2006 Gilberto Ponce, Chile EMOL; Solovera, Wieniawski, Prokofiev

We lived to see a great day in the sixth program of the season of the Orquesta Sinfónica de Chile. Now under the direction of the Dutch René Gulikers, the ensemble recovered the road of quality, which has been usual to us.

Gulikers not only demonstrated an exact knowledge of the works, but also showed a talent and a natural musicality through precise and clear gestures that found an efficient answer in the orchestra.


We believe that the direction of Gulikers was fundamental in the success, because we think that he caught the essence of its musical spirit.


The great sound of the orchestra was confirmed in the accompaniment of the beautiful – and not often heard in Chile – “Concerto Nº 2 for violin and orchestra Op. 22″ by Henri Wieniawski. This work of lyrical content, with a folk component, has a lot of strong and rhythmic contrasts, which need a sure and clear direction, resolved here by Gulikers in a brilliant way.

Gulikers and the Orquesta Sinfónica de Chile ended the concert with the second suite of the ballet “Romeo and Juliet” by Sergei Prokofiev. The interpretation was an accumulation of goodnesses, with an orchestral sound rarely heard, where each member realized a musical commitment of the highest level. And with a conductor who didn’t focus on the work as the accompaniment of a dance, but like a true symphonic poem where the “pathos” of the tragedy of the young lovers always has been present. It would be too long to enumerate the excellences of this interpretation that touched the audience: it reacted in silence after the impressive end, then to burst in soon with the deserved ovations.

An excellent conductor, whom we will follow in his next presentations in front of a luxurious orchestra.


28-08-2006, Sergio Escobar, Chile EL MERCURIO; Mozart Great Mass

The orchestra, reduced to 40 members, was a wonder of collaboration and Maestro Gulikers balanced with wisdom, guiding them in this memorable version.

They had a very musical performance, especially the choir, and the Orquesta Sinfónica de Chile played with great professionalism. The Dutch Maestro was the great conductor and the ovation of the public was the right prize for his effort.


28-08-2006 Gilberto Ponce, Chile EMOL; Mozart, concerto for two pianos

René Gulikers had given solid samples of its talent as conductor during the previous program of the International Series of the Orquesta Sinfónica de Chile. Now, this program was dedicated exclusively to works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, he confirms his quality of studying the musical styles. In the two interpreted works, he obtained from the orchestra a sound, which was transparent and light, fitting to the expected loudness with Mozart.

We believe that this version is one of the fittest to style that we have listened live, thanks to Gutiérrez, Muñoz and Gulikers.


02-11-2006, Germany HAMBURGER ANZEIGEN; Beethoven 1, Mahler 1

They played the first symphonies of Beethoven and Mahler with such commitment and precision, homogeneity and fun at common making music, as if it would be the simplest thing of the world. We call it – around a famous headline from the 30’s about Karajan’s debut in Berlin: “the miracle Gulikers”. The Dutchman René Gulikers held his orchestra – and thus the public – two hours in upper tension.


12-06-2009, Dumitru Avakian, ROMÂNIA LITERARĂ; Harvey, Yuasa, Nemescu, Wielecki

… greatly performed by the Dutch conductor René Gulikers and the National Radio Orchestra


29-11-2010, Germany, HAMBURGER ABENDBLATT; Spahlinger (farben der frühe, for 7 pianos)

René Gulikers piloted them infallibly through the often changing bar meters.