Report of the Masterclass Winter 2023

Report of the 5th International Masterclass Conducting Technique, Winter 2023


Shunske Sato

Violin soloist
Concertmaster Concerto Köln
Concertmaster and artistic leader Dutch Bach Society
Professor Barock violin, Conservatoire of Amsterdam

Thank you for the videos and your message, and most importantly for the fun, revelatory, intense week which will remain with me for a very long time…  I was deeply touched by your generous, clear and encouraging way of teaching, and your method and its simplicity and coherence finally gave me the confidence and basis I needed so much.  With all of the non-musical variables that also go into being a convincing conductor, it can all feel rather mysterious, but you helped me dispel this. Thank you so much. Please extend my gratitude to Astrid as well – I enjoyed her company, hospitality and of course her lovely cooking!


Stanislav Gres

Artistic leader of NeoBarock

Today, when I practice myself, I feel the positive effect of the course in every respect.





Nazar Yakobenchuk

Former chief conductor of Lviv Opera and Ballet

The “International Masterclass Conducting Technique” of prof. René Gulikers is a unique all in one tool to speechlessly make your intention clear to the orchestra in any conducting situation. Working for years in opera  I was neglecting some technique and this masterclass was a great opportunity to improve it. With only hand movements you can achieve 100 percent clarity using this technique based on natural human perception. I was surprised to realise how clear, and intuitively perceived by the orchestra, our gestures are by using the correct technique.


Renske Ligtmans

Choir conductor

It was a very intensive week filled with lessons from early in the morning until late at night. The lessons are in a constructive atmosphere, with René always trying to connect to where you yourself are at that moment in your development. The welcome by René and his wife Astrid is very hospitable. Because all daily worries were taken out of my hands, I could fully focus on conducting. In between there was an opportunity to walk and enjoy the river, the singing birds and the colours in the forest. There were very special people in the group, and it was very instructive and inspiring to attend the others’ classes as well. René knows how to build up the tension throughout the week, culminating in a beautiful and exciting final presentation.


Helle Cheung

Communication and PR Norwegian Baroque Ensemble

I enjoyed it. And as I said to Astrid on our way to the train station, had I not gone I would have spent the best part of a year to reach the level of understanding that I now have. Thank you so much …




Group lesson: conducting different time signatures while reading texts


Individual lesson: conducting two pianos, violin and cello


The whole group: Nazar, Martin, René, Stanislav, Helle, Mourik Jan, Astrid, Renske, Jorge, Shunske, Futo.


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