Report of the masterclasses summer 2022

Impression by pictures of the masterclasses in summer 2022






































Jan Gorjanc:
“The Masterclass with René Guilkers is one I wish I had taken years ago, when I started with my conducting studies. He breaks down a ’simple’ 4/4 pattern into its fundamental components, which are vital for the understanding of how conducting ‘works’, yet this part is so often rushed through or skipped. Indeed every move is precisely graphically analysed and explained, and the basic principles are integrated into the entire spectrum of gestures, ranging from a simple 2/4 bar to a complex 11/8 bar with a fermata on the 7th note, followed by a short caesura … Therefore I wholeheartedly recommend this to conductors at all levels, since the approach at daily private lessons is very personal and tailored to ones previous knowledge and abilities. Last but not least, Mrs. Gulikers is a wonderful hostess, making everyone feel at home and cooking scrumptious meals, which rounds up the week of intense learning into a very pleasant and not at all tiring experience.”


Masami Iizuka:
“I am glad that I was able to learn your method.
I think that I have developed a new standard for myself. I will try to practice daily so that I can put this into my rehearsal and concert.
I hope to see you again.
Thank you very much.”

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