International Masterclass Conducting Technique

Application for the 7th International Masterclass Conducting Technique (Winter 2024) is open now. 



The masterclass is about conducting technique (partly based on Celibidaches technique) and score study.

“I can highly recommend the conducting courses given by René Gulikers;
As a conducting-student having joined one of René’s courses,
I have to say the organization and classes were excellent.
René is a talented and experienced professor
who skilfully improves everyone’s conducting technique and vision on music.
More important, I’ve gained a great amount of knowledge,
ideas and inspiration towards the future!”
Mark Braafhart
Solo-percussion Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
Professor Classical Percussion Conservatoire of Amsterdam

For whom

The masterclass is open for music students, for those who are preparing for an (entrance) exam orchestral, windband or choral conducting, and for professional musicians of all ages and nationalities.

There will be a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 8 participants. 


The masterclass will take place from the 16th of February (arrival between 18:00 and 19:00 h) until the 23rd of February (departure before 09:30 h), 2024. The lessons will take place from Saturday morning, the 17th of February to Thursday evening, the 22nd of February, 2024.  


The masterclasses will be held in Chiny, a beautiful place in the Ardennes, Belgium. The address of the accommodation is Rue de L’Embarcadère 52, 6810 Chiny.


The lessons will take place in “Gîte de la Semois”, an accommodation with on the ground floor several rooms, a kitchen and two sauna’s (wood-fired and infra red). On the first and second floor, there are 8 separate bedrooms, one for each participant, each with its own bathroom and toilet. Every participant has the opportunity to practise his conducting technique and to study his scores in his own room. In and around the accommodation, there is enough space to relax and enjoy nature.

“Thank you for the videos and your message,
and most importantly for the fun, revelatory,
intense week which will remain with me for a very long time…
I was deeply touched by your generous, clear and encouraging
way of teaching, and your method and its simplicity
and coherence finally gave me the confidence and basis
I needed so much.  With all of the non-musical variables
that also go into being a convincing conductor,
it can all feel rather mysterious, but you helped me dispel this.
Thank you so much.
Please extend my gratitude to Astrid as well –
I enjoyed her company, hospitality and of course her lovely cooking!”
Shunske Sato
Violin soloist
Concertmaster Concerto Köln
Concertmaster and artistic leader Dutch Bach Society
Professor Barock violin, Conservatoire of Amsterdam




The accommodation is reachable by car. The nearest train station is Florenville and the nearest airports are Brussels, Charleroi and Luxembourg. Participants can be picked up by car from the train station Florenville on the 16th of February between 18:00 and 19:00 h (between 6 and 7 pm).


During the week, there will be a minimum of 5 individual lessons of 50 minutes for each participant. In the morning and evening, there will be group lessons (30 and 60 minutes). All lessons are open to everybody. On the last two days of the masterclasses, there will be two highly professional pianists, or one pianist and a soloist, depending on the obligatory repertoire. The individual lessons of those two days will be recorded on video for personal use. For clarity: there will be no external instrumental ensemble or orchestra.


René Gulikers, former professor Orchestra Conducting at Royal Conservatoire The Hague (Netherlands) and professor at Music Academy Bremen (Germany). Also see website

“The international masterclass by René Gulikers
is inspiring and instructive,
a real must for every orchestra conductor!
René Gulikers knows how to motivate experienced conductors
as well as starting conductors
(professional musicians who want to start conducting)
to get their musical ideas across
in the best possible way with a solid conducting technique.
A perfect preparation for a new concert season!”

Lonneke Regter
MA Double bass
MSc Art management


The lessons will be in English, German or Dutch.


Will be announced to the admitted candidates later. The repertoire will partly be tailored to the level of the individual candidates and will partly be the same for all candidates. In certain cases, personal wishes of the candidates could be considered.


All the offered meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), snacks and drinks are free for all participants.

“René is an incredible pedagogue
who adapts to any level
and style of conducting students.
He perfectly knows what errors to expose
and how to solve the problems,
going from basics to more complexes issues.
This leads to a very fast learning
and a good confidence in everyone’s potential.
He starts from solid fundamentals
and then adapts it to every student.
The week was very intense
but it enlarged my perception of music quicker
than any other musical study so far”

Oscar Vaurs

Student Composition, Music Academy Bern


€ 950,00. This amount includes all lessons, full board with private rooms for everyone, use of saunas and a copy of “A complete conducting technique” by prof. Gulikers. Travel costs are at the expense of the participants.


The application for the masterclass is open until the 8th of December, 2023. Candidates will be admitted in order of application. The application is final once the application form (to be downloaded below) has been fully completed, signed and returned to Int.Mc.ConductingTechnique{at} and a down payment of € 250,00 has been transferred to bank account DE10 4036 1906 1217 9474 00 (Swift or BIC-Code: GENODEM1IBB) in the name of René Gulikers. Those living outside the European Union and/or those with other currencies should take the exchange rate and/or transfer costs for their own account (do not choose BEN or SHA, but choose OUR).

Those who are not sure if their musical background fits the masterclass, please contact Int.Mc.ConductingTechnique{at}

Once the application is complete and accepted by Professor Gulikers, the applicant will receive a confirmation and a place in the masterclass will be reserved.

As soon as the masterclass is fully booked, but no later than December 16th, 2023, candidates will be informed about their status: “admitted”, “rejected” or “on reserve list”.

  • Candidates with the status “admitted” will have to transfer the remaining € 700,00 to the same bank account before January 8th, 2024.
  • Candidates with the status “rejected” will get their down payment refunded before January 8th, 2024.
  • Candidates with the status “on reserve list” will hear if they can still participate no later than January 15th, 2024 (transfer of the remaining € 700,00 before January 22nd, 2024), or not (refund of down payment before January 22nd, 2024). 

In case there will be less than seven candidates by the 16th of December 2023, or due to governmental measures (e.g. Corona) it will not be possible to let (the organization of) the masterclass take place, the masterclass will be cancelled and all (down) payments will be refunded.

There will be no refund of the (down) payment, if the candidate withdraws for whatever reason.

“The Masterclass with René Guilkers is one I wish I had taken years ago, when I started with my conducting studies. He breaks down a ’simple’ 4/4 pattern into its fundamental components, which are vital for the understanding of how conducting ‘works’, yet this part is so often rushed through or skipped. Indeed every move is precisely graphically analysed and explained, and the basic principles are integrated into the entire spectrum of gestures, ranging from a simple 2/4 bar to a complex 11/8 bar with a fermata on the 7th note, followed by a short caesura … Therefore I wholeheartedly recommend this to conductors at all levels, since the approach at daily private lessons is very personal and tailored to ones previous knowledge and abilities. Last but not least, Mrs. Gulikers is a wonderful hostess, making everyone feel at home and cooking scrumptious meals, which rounds up the week of intense learning into a very pleasant and not at all tiring experience.”

Jan Gorjanc
Professional harp player, Choir conductor

Application form

To download the application form, click this link:

Application Form 7th International Masterclass Conducting Technique


“The course with Mr. Gulikers was just right for me: clear tasks, intensive cooperation, sufficient feedback.”

Stanislav Gres
Professional harpsichord player, leader of NeoBarock
I have learned so much. I can hardly believe it. It will take some time to process everything.…. Memorising the score is a great thing that I have added to my daily routine. I look at scores in a completely different way. It’s really a great feeling. And it gives me a whole new sense of confidence.”

Christian Casleanu
BA Piano, MA Orchestra Conducting


“For me it turned out to be an unforgettable experience. The luxury of a private lesson and a group-lesson every day, combined with René Gulikers’ capacity to adjust to anyone’s individual level while providing for new challenges also, resulted for me personally in an increased confidence to express myself musically, and a more clear image of techniques. All this in the good care of Astrid who provided for all our meals, in a beautiful environment, and while sharing enthusiasm and ideas with other participants, made me leave this masterclass at the end of the week in a slightly sad mood because it was over. Fortunately I still feel super-inspired by all the knowledge, impressions and experiences gathered in my head and my heart after this masterclass.”
Myrthe van Dijk
Recording producer Dutch Radio (ex-pianist) 




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If you are interested in private lessons, in-person or online, please take a look on this page: conducting lessons.