All portraits are in high resolution

Together with some famous composers

Helmut Lachenman
with Edison Denisov
Edison Denisov
with Kaja Saariaho
Kaja Saariaho
with Hans Zender
Hans Zender
with Klaus Huber
Klaus Huber
with Jonathan Harvey
Jonathan Harvey
with Vinko Globokar
Vinko Globokar
with Dieter Schnebel
Dieter Schnebel
with Youngi Pagh-Paan
Younghi Pagh-Paan
with Enno Poppe
Enno Poppe
with Alexander Knaifel
Alexander Knaifel
with Jacqueline Fontyn
Jacqueline Fontyn
with Matthias Spahlinger
Mathias Spahlinger
with Luca Lombardi
Luca Lombardi
with Vladimir Tarnopolski
Vladimir Tarnopolski
with Jacob TV (ter Veldhuis)
Jacob TV (ter Veldhuis)
Philippe Hurel
Nicolaus A. Huber