Great news at the end of my jubilee season



The season 2017-2018 was my 25th season as a professional conductor. In one of my latest newsletters (click here) , I wrote about the start of my career with the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra. In my jubilee season, I conducted again Russian orchestras with fantastic programs: the Ural Philharmonic Orchestra, the Volgograd Philharmonic Orchestra, the BACH Chamber Orchestra from Ekaterinburg and the Murmansk Philharmonic Orchestra with pieces like Richard Strauss’ “Ein Heldenleben” (listen here: and Dvoraks 9th symphony.

in Bremen, were I work at the Music Academy, I had the opportunity to do some great projects. As usual, I conducted many world premieres by young student composers, but I also conducted a concert with the “highlights” in the repertoire of the last century: Stravinsky’s “Le sacre du printemps” for 4 pianos, “Ballet mécanique” by George Antheil for 4 pianos and 8 percussionists and the wonderful “Rothko Chapel” for choir and 3 instrumentalists by Morton Feldman.







Another concert at the music academy in Bremen was dedicated to Russian female composers like Ustvolskaya and Gubaidulina.

Furthermore, I conducted a concert with the Ensemble New Babylon (with a world premiere) and this summer I was happy to conduct Tchaikovsky’s 5th symphony four times during a concert tour in the south of France.

The most exciting news came at the end of last season, when the Royal Conservatory in The Hague asked me if I would be interested to become professor for orchestral conducting. After several meetings and the entrance auditions for new students before the summer break, I am now looking very much forward to start teaching next week. I am very proud to be part of the faculty of this wonderful institute!

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